Rest and relax in Aparthotel Teddy Kvilda!

We are pleased to welcome you to our wellness center – sauna, whirlpool and a rest room with the beautiful view on the Vltava river valley.

Unique natural microSilk therapy in the whirlpool!

Wellness can be booked by phone 721 864 793.

Wellness with discount for accommodated guests!

Opening hours after booking:

Monday – Sunday from 16:00 to 22:00

Sauna helps to regeneration, body cleansing and relaxing the muscles. The whirlpool bath will give you rest and possible stress will disappear when you immerse yourself in the hot tub.

Unique natural therapy MicroSilk in whirlpool bath!

MicroSilk is an unique system of hydration and healing therapy that saturates the water bath with thousands of microscopic air bubbles. The natural strength of MicroSilk is the beneficial disinfecting and healing properties.

The special therapy with the combination of Balboa hydromassage, air nozzles and our source water from the Sumava peat bogs (almost zero mineralization and the low surface water tension) is available in our whirlpool.


The disappearance of microbubbles on the surface is accompanied by increased water foaming, which disappears when the massage is switched off.

We wish you a pleasant and beneficial bath!